Lottery Singapore

The Singapore Lottery is a legal lottery system run by the state-owned gambling company Singapore Pools. It has three main types of games – Toto, Sweep and 4D.

In Toto, players select a set of numbers between one and 49. They then match these numbers to win the jackpot prize. This is the most exciting way to play.

Another game is the Sweep, where players pick a set of 19 numbers. Players can win up to $2.3 million.

There are also online lotteries available from several countries. These can be played on a computer or on a mobile device. Online ticket purchases can be made securely through a variety of online payment methods.

One of the most popular ways to win in the Singapore lottery is to choose the right number of tickets. The minimum bet is $1. This includes GST. A winning ticket can be picked up from certified payout locations.

The Toto lottery is the best-selling lottery game in Singapore. However, the chances of winning the main prize are relatively small.

The Toto Singapore lottery has been around since the 1960s. However, it has evolved and become more popular over the years. For instance, it was the first 5/49. Later on, it went to 6/42 in 1988. Since then, it has gone back to 6/49 in 2014.

There are two other lottery games in Singapore. The Sweep, which was launched in 1969, is owned by Singapore Pools.

The Singapore Sweep has a jackpot prize that can reach as high as $2.3 million. The other game is the 4D, a four-digit lottery game that is also a favorite of many.