Plumbing Problems You Can Handle

Plumbing Problems You Can Handle

Plumbing issues need to be identified and corrected as soon as possible as they can lead to a variety of costly problems in the home. One of the common results of an unresolved plumbing issue is a leak. Water leakage from pipes can lead to wastage of numerous gallons of water which eventually yields increased water bills.

To reduce significant expenses on water bills, avoid drainage problems and have uninterrupted water supplies in the home a homeowner should recognize plumbing problems he or she can resolve. Subsequently see below the usual plumbing issues that can be addressed without the expertise of a professional All Day Plumber Brooklyn, Michigan.

1. Leaking Pipes

Leaky pipes may happen as a result of joint water pipe damage, persistent clog or incorrect pipe set up during home construction. A leaking pipe is sure to lead to substantial water damage in the home if the problem is not taken care of immediately.

Old houses have copper water pipes while relatively new houses have pipes made using PEX. Though copper pipes are sturdier the disadvantages are that they are vulnerable to corrosive materials and can break because of adverse temperature fluctuations. On the contrary under the same conditions PEX pipes show greater flexibility. PEX has a lower chance of bursting because of freezing.

2. Clogged Pipes, Sinks and Drains

Partially or fully clogged pipes, sinks and drains are one of the common plumbing problems in most homes. E.g., a clogged drain is guaranteed to frustrate during a quick bath as the shower bottom takes longer to drain.

When it comes to unblocking drains and sinks a homeowner should use a plunger instead of drain cleaners. Drain cleaners are not only toxic but also unreliable. A drain cleaner may not help in removing the typical items that may have caused clogging like toothpaste caps.

3. Lack Of Hot Water

A water heater has a lifespan of more than eight years. Yet now and again that lifespan can be reduced considerably because of corrosion, mineral deposits, and inadequate water pressure. For example hard water contains impurities that often end up blocking pipes leading to insufficient flow of hot water for bathing and washing dishes.

A water heater can be wholly damaged as a result of a mineral buildup. All Day Plumber Brooklyn Michigan can assist in rectifying such a problem.

In addition it has been observed that the lifespan of a water heater can be compromised by excess water pressure.

4. Leaking Toilet

Any existing cause of a leaking toilet needs to be resolved hastily to avoid a mess on the toilet floor and loss of gallons of water.

A running toilet is often caused by a rubber flapper that is past its usefulness. When a rubber flapper fails to maintain its functional form it results in failure to cover the tank as required. In another instance the toilet issue may emanate from the twisting of the flapper-attached chain.

5. Leaking Faucets

Looking at the cost of repairing plumbing problems leaking or dripping faucets tend to be relatively affordable. Still the possibility of incurring substantial repair costs is high when the issue is not appropriately solved within a short time.

Fixing a problematic faucet may involve replacing a worn-out O-ring.

In conclusion while a homeowner can always try and fix the plumbing problems above still it is better for the job done by an expert and experienced All Day Plumber Brooklyn Michigan. A professional plumber understands how to repair each of the issues conveniently and make a homeowner avoid getting drenched.

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